2018 Summer Training Workshop

Divers Institute of Technology
1341 N Northlake Way, Suite 150
Seattle, WA 98103

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

WFAA is pleased to present the NASFAA University credential in-person training for Satisfactory Academic Progress.  We have also coordinated with Washington Student Achievement Council and the US Department of Education to present an in-person update.

Membership is required to attend the workshop, so if you are not already a current member, membership dues will be added to your workshop registration. Membership is valid July 1st – June 30th and annual dues are $45.

Registration Fees:
$40 - In-person instruction, self-study guide & workbook, & voucher code for NASFAA credential (SAP)

$30 - Item Description: In-person instruction, self-study guide & workbook for NASFAA credential (SAP)

2018-2019 Membership - $45

No host lunch. Click Here to download Lunch and Parking options.

Click here to view Agenda.

> Please note that as of today, your registration is non-refundable.  Substitutions are available with communication to the Vice President of Training.


 To register, please call or email the Vice President of Training, Heather Jones at (509) 963-3050 or [email protected] with the following information.
> Your first and last name
> Your institution/organizations name
> Your phone number
> Your email address
> Your registration preference (voucher code vs no voucher code)
> Your credit card information to include:
    > name on the credit card
    > billing address
    > expiration date
    > 3 digit code on back of card



The Benefits of Membership

Join your colleagues from across the state to network, access to affordable training, job opening notifications, state newsletter, opportunities to get involved with and contribute to the larger financial aid community, develop your leadership experience, and the 3 F's - food, fun and financial aid!

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Washington Financial Aid Association is to effectively serve the interests and needs of its membership and constituents through the coordination of financial aid information, programs and activities.


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