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-- Download the 2018-19 Student Budget --

2015-2016 Student Budgets Survey

WFAA is working with the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) to coordinate efforts in obtaining student costs for establishing our WFAA Student Budget. We need your help in sharing this survey link (below) with your students so that we can gather a wide breadth of schools, locations, and student demographics.

Materials for announcing the survey are available below. Materials include suggested text to send out to your student population, a postcard for use in your office lobbies, and social media posts. By providing these materials we hope to make this process as easy as possible for schools in this busy time of year. Feel free to make your own personalized version, or branding, as you see fit. We need your help in sending this survey link out to your students so that our data provides a robust picture of studentsí costs.

Suggested Text
Announcement Materials for Schools

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