Dear Members,

I feel like we have inadvertently held out on you.

You may know that the framework for action to meet the established goals of our association requires a plan. And WFAA has such a plan thanks to the effort and research of one of our brilliant committees! Members of the 2012-2013 Strategic Planning Task Force were Crystal Allison, Karen Driscoll, Elaine Marcinek with Abril Hunt as Co-Chair and Wendy Olson as Chair. We are not only grateful for the work and results they produced but we have since fall conference 2013 guided the development of the organization through activities outlined in the Plan. Goal 5 for example reads as follows:

Goal 5:
Continually improve methods and processes for communicating with the membership
Measures: a. Improved ratings on communication-related questions
 on future Membership Services Survey instruments
b. Regularity of newsletter publication and
 communication from President
c. Increase in number of members applying for
d. Increase in number of visits to the WFAA website

Strategies/Actions Responsibility
1. Regular, direct communication from the President to the membership through listserv President
2. Monitor to make improvements to Newsletter content and structure
  a. Continue to utilize electronic
   format for all newsletter issues
  b. Regularly evaluate member
   satisfaction with the newsletter
   and make appropriate
  c. Continue the segment about
   "news about our members"
3. Educate members about the use and benefits of the WFAA listserv and website Electronic Services/Archives Communications/Newsletter
4. Use website and other technology tools to encourage two-way communication with members Electronic Services
5. Continue to create opportunities for segmental reps to meet regularly and share information President
Sector Reps
6. Regularly provide information to members about the Association (e.g., activities, goals, accomplishments) using current communication tools (e.g., newsletter, ListServ) Executive Committee

That is one of the eight goals of the plan and one of my favorites. How are we doing?

So much needs to be done to communicate with you in significant ways yet I am pleased that we have unlocked areas of the website and occasional updates are sent through the listserv or posted on the website’s president page. We envision some social media in the near future and hopefully a platform for live interaction.

The Executive Committee approved the five-year (2013-18) WFAA Strategic Plan on the September 26, 2013. This marked the conclusion of the formal process of developing the Strategic Plan, but not the conclusion of the association strategic planning efforts. Committees and officers develop annual goals in support of the five-year strategic plan and the Measures Tracking Tool is updated. Strategic planning efforts continue to be reviewed and monitored regularly by the Executive Committee and are/will be communicated to the membership of the association.

The Plan and the Association belong to you, our members. So, the Plan has now been posted on our website for your perusal and response. You may wish to underline the importance of a goal or activities that support the goal. In any case, our ears are open and we invite you to engage. Read the Plan and consider this an opportunity for a live response to be posted at Write to and thanks – your thoughts matter!

Yours truly,
WFAA President 2013-14

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